Anodyne knows how to start the day right.

Our daily scrambles, homemade waffles, the Anodyne Oatmeal or our classic Quiche of the day are great ways to start your day.

Sleepyheads, take your time rolling out of bed — we serve breakfast until 11am weekdays and 1pm on the weekends! And a good number of the breakfast items are even available all day.

We proudly serve Larry Schultz eggs from Owatonna, less than 75 miles away!


Anodyne bakes an assortment of muffins, scones and quick breads from scratch, daily, including vegan options. Think chocolate chip scones and maple walnut cookies… Mmm!


Breakfast Burrito

Eggs, our veggie chili and cheddar cheese grilled in a flour tortilla with house salsa & sour cream. $7.50 Scramble in house chorizo, bacon or ham for $1.75.

Breakfast Sandwich

Scrambled eggs, ham and cheddar cheese on a sweet mallorca toast. $5.95

Three Cheese Omelet

Served with pan fried yukon gold potatoes on the side. $6.75 Scramble in house chorizo, bacon or ham for $1.75.

Simple Scramble

Scrambled eggs, toast and potatoes. $6.75

Special Scramble

Changes daily with seasonal ingredients. $7.75

Breakfast Quiche

Always silky and filled with seasonal ingredients. $6.95


Anodyne Oatmeal

Organic oats prepared in apple cider along with pears, wild rice, craisins, raisins and pecans. Served with brown sugar and half & half. $5.25

Ordinary Oatmeal

Ordinary oats served with brown sugar and half & half. $4.25

Anodyne Granola

Oats baked with a touch of BeezKneez honey along with craisins, almonds, walnuts and a hint of coconut. Served with milk, soymilk or yogurt. $4.75


Fruit Crisp Waffle

Baked apple or pear crisp served upside down on top of your waffle. $6.95

Anodyne Waffle

The wild rice and craisins, raisins and pecans are cooked into the waffle, the fresh pears top it. $6.95

Banana Pecan Waffle

Pecans throughout the batter, with bananas on top. $6.95

Classic Waffle

That’s it. Well, with butter and powdered sugar too. $5.25